3506 The Great Monsters

Included in this set were 6 Great Monsters. The monster descriptions listed below are taken from the back of the Box Set.


HYDRA (3 parts) - 1275A-1, 1275B, 1275C; A many-headed reptilian monster. The quick lashing movements of its snakelike necks and hundreds of teeth can rend and tear its victims to shreds.

GRIFFON (3 parts) - 1281A, 1281B (2); A flying creature of the rocky cliffs. The adult Griffon is intelligent and can be a highly dangerous foe, but the fledglings can be tamed and are prized as fierce and loyal steeds when full grown.

BASILISK (2 parts) - 1289A, 1289B;  A slow-moving reptilian monster with eight legs. The Basilisk's major weapon is its gaze which can turn any living creature into stone.

TITAN (3 parts) - 1292A, 1292B, 1292C; A beautiful god-like being possessed of many magical abilities. These, combined With the Titan's enormous stature, make it a powerful friend or adversary.

DRAGON (6 parts) - 3506A, 3506B, 3506C, 3506D, 3506E (2); A large intelligent reptilian creature that loves wealth and will fiercely fight to defend his treasure. Dragons usually fly and possess a deadly breath weapon of fire, poison or cold.

3506 & 3507-PG (Painting Guide)