3511 Magic Users & Clerics

Photo insert:

Included in the "Magic Users and Clerics" box set were 11 detailed 25mm lead miniatures. The descriptions listed below are taken from the photo insert that was attached to the back of the Box Set:


WIZARD with IMP FAMILIAR - 1200B; This sorcerer gestures as he casts a spell. He wears a tunic and cloak, a peaked cap, and heavy gold chain. Hiding behind him is a small imp.

WIZARD with SPELLBOOK - 1201D; This kindly mage wears a hooded robe, a backpack, and leather scrollcase. He carries a large spellbook and raises his hand in greeting.

CLERIC with HOLY SYMBOL - 1204B; This young cleric wards off evil with his holy symbol. He wears a tunic, robes, backpack, sack, two vials of holy water, and an ankh pendant.

WANDERING CLERIC with HOLY BOOK - 1204C; This stout holy man carries a staff and book. He wears a hood, rope belt, bedroll and backpack, pouches, wineskin, slung mace and cross.

ARMORED CLERIC - 1204D; This fighting cleric wears chainmail or plate armor under a tunic and robe. He carries a cross-emblazoned shield and a morning-star flail.

SORCERESS with LAYERED ROBED - 1206A; This young sorceress gestures dramatically as she holds her tall staff. She wears layered robes and a gold chain girdle around her hips.

SORCERESS with BIRDS-HEAD STAFF - 1206D; This comely necromancer wears robes with an extended sleeve and a belt pouch. She carries an ornately carved staff.

CLOAKED PRIESTESS - 1208D; This female cleric has a cloak with heavy hood, backpack and bedroll. She carries a mace and shield.

DRUID - 1210A; This priest of nature carries a wears a sprig of mistletoe on his robe, and carries a staff and the Druid scimitar.

MONK - 1210D; This unarmed combat specialist wears a robe with the hood thrown back and a rope belt. He has a staff, backpack, pouches and bedroll.

OLD WIZARD - 1216A; This wizard has a long beard and wears robes and a cloak with a peaked hood. He carries a crook-headed staff as he walks along.