3512 Fighting Adventurers

Photo insert:

Included in the "Fighting Adventurers" box set were 11 detailed 25mm lead miniatures. The descriptions listed below are taken from the photo insert that was attached to the back of the Box Set:


Knight with Mace – 1202D; This formidable fighter carries a mace and shield and has a sword at his waist. He wears a great helmet and chainmail.

Knight with Sword – 1202A; This knight is armed with a sword and dagger. He is protected by plate armor, and carries a ‘heater’ type shield.

Paladin – 1203B; This virtuous fighter wears chainmail under a surcoat and cloak. He carries a shield and raises his sword in a holy vow.

Bard – 1203D; This versatile fighter/thief/cleric wears leather armor, carries a lute, and has a sword slung from his belt.

Henchmen – 1215D; This hired fighting man wears quilted cloth or leather, and carries a lantern, spear, sword, shield, coil of rope, and packs.

Thief – 1205B; This figure carries a sword and a bag of booty. He is dressed in studded leather and has packs, pouches, and a coil of rope.

Female Thief – 1209A; This nimble cutpurse wears leather armor with high boots, a sword, and pouches. She swings a grappling hook at the end of a coil of rope.

Female Fighter – 1207B; With her sword and shield, clad in plate armor hung with belt pouches and a dagger, this fighting woman is more than a match for any adversary.

Elven Fighter – 1211A; Sword and shield in hand, with his great bow slung across his back and rope and pouches at his belt, this fearless Elf strides into the depths.

Halfling Archer – 1214A; Equipped with short bow, belt-quiver, and hooded cloak, this little fellow has a keen eye and a steady hand.

Dwarf – 1213A; This study dwarf wears chainmail covered with a hooded cloak, and holds a great war-axe across his round oaken shield.