3520 Demons and Devils

Photo insert:

Included in the "Demons and Devils" box set were 5 detailed lead miniatures. The descriptions listed below are taken from the photo insert that was attached to the back of the Box Set:


Arch-Devil Asmodeus – 1286A, 1286B; The overlord of Hell and the ruler of all Demons, this figure stands a full 2 ½” tall, dressed in open-front tunic and cloak, clutching his gemstone staff. He has a flaring collar and pentagram pendant.

Small Demon or Devil – 1288B; This small demon springs, winged and armored, from a pillar of flame. He has cloven hooves and burning, intense eyes.

Succubus – 1263D; This demon appears as a beautiful woman with batlike wings.

Greater Devil or Demon – 1288C-2; This large devil has great spreading wings and a long beard. He wears armor and carries a great two-handed axe. Flames dance about his feet.

Barbed Devil – 3520A; This large devil advances, snarling. His body is covered with sharp barbs.



The box contained 6 total pieces, 2 of which comprised Asmodeus.

The Barbed Devil was a unique piece that was only available in this box set (it was not available in a blister pack).

Although the Lesser Devil (1288C-2) was redesigned for this box set, it was believed that this figure could have ended up in blister packs. This could not be confirmed by those who worked at Heritage, and therefore this figure could be unique to this set.

Box art:

Painting Guide (PG-3520)