3501 Adventuring Characters

3501 Box Cover Art

3501-PG (Painting Guide)

Included in this set were 18 Adventuring Character miniatures. The character descriptions listed below are taken from the back of the Box Set:


The Wizard - 1200A; A powerful user of magic, schooled in the mystic arts.

Fighting Men - 1202B, 1202D; Trained warriors, clad in armor, and expert with weapons.

The Cleric - 1204C; A holy man whose powers can turn away unclean things.

The Thief - 1205A; Silent and stealthy, adept at scaling walls and picking locks.

The Sorceress - 1206C; A female magic user, mistress of the dark secrets.

Fighting Woman - 1207C; Daring and deadly with her flashing blade.

The Priestess - 1208A; A righteous cleric with healing powers.

Female Thief - 1209A; Expert with a rope and grappling hook, and a reliable disarmer of traps.

The Druid - 1210A; A special holy man with great knowledge of nature.

The Monk - 1210D; A wandering scholar and master of open-hand martial arts.

The Elf - 1211C; Knowledgeable in both sword and spell, his armor gleams with rich elven workmanship.

The Halfling - 1414B; A worthy adventurer with a keen eye and quick hand.

The Henchmen (4 different poses) - 1215A, 1215B, 1215C, 1215D; Hirelings who will fight beside you for a share in the treasure.

The Dwarf - 1297A; A fighter of remarkable strength and stoutness of heart.

Figures included in the Set: