3502 Roaming Monsters Level 1

3502 Box Cover Art

3502 & 3505-PG (Painting Guide)

Included in this set were 20 Roaming Monsters; Level 1. The monster descriptions listed below are taken from the back of the Box Set:


Berserker & Bandits (2) - 1236A, 1237A, 1237B; These desperate men roam the forests and caverns, waiting to attack travellers. Berserkers go into a battle-frenzy, making them very formidable fighters.
Skeletons (4) - 1238A, 1238B, 1238C, 1238D; Long-dead warriors animated by dark magic, skeletons are the silent guardians of forgotten crypts and treasure-troves. They cannot abide the sight of a holy symbol.
Goblins (4) - 1240A-1, 1240B-1, 1240C-1, 1240D-1; Small but fierce creatures of reddish coloration, goblins wear leather armor and attack with a variety of weapons.
Kobolds (4)  - 1244A (2), 1244B (2); These hairless, horned creatures are small and fast-moving. Their resistance to magical spells is high.
Bloodbirds (2) - 1270C, 1270D; These bird-like monsters swoop down from dark cavern ceilings, inserting their long, pointed beaks into a vein to drain the victim of his blood.
Elves (3) - 1296A, 1296C, 1296D; Armed with sword and bow, Elves are the keenest of marksmen, and frequently have magical powers.

Figures included in the Set: