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   The Dungeon Dwellers line of blister packs first appeared in the Heritage 1979/80 winter catalog. These blisters originally retailed for $3.95 with the exception of the dice set which retailed for $4.95, but changed to $3.95, and finally for $2.95. Blister 1229, 1230, 1231, 1274, 1283, 1285, and 1286 retailed for $7.95. Most of the character, and some of the monster packs contained at least four figures. On the rarity section of the site, the number of characters and monsters in each blister is listed

   In the Heritage catalogs, the intended usage of the Dungeon Dwellers line of miniatures was with Dungeons & Dragons, as well as other fantasy games including the Dungeon Dwellers paint’n’play games.

Sample blister pack

Blister card - front

1235 - Dice Set

Blister card - back

Blister Pack NumberBlister DescriptionDate of appearance in Heritage catalog
1200The Wizard in various poses1979/80 - Winter
1201Wizards & Magic Users1979/80 - Winter
1202Knights1979/80 - Winter
1203Fighters (Ranger, Paladin, etc)1980 - Summer
1204Clerics1979/80 - Winter
1205Thieves & Assassins1979/80 - Winter
1206Female Magic Users1979/80 - Winter
1207Female Fighters1979/80 - Winter
1208Female Clerics1980 - Summer
1209Female ThiefNot Available
1210Druids & Monks1979/80 - Winter
1211Elven Adventurers1979/80 - Winter
1213Dwarven Adventurers1980 - Summer
1214Halflings1980 - Summer
1215Henchmen1979/80 - Winter
1216Wizard, mounted & dismounted1979/80 - Winter
1217Merchants and Pack MuleNever Released
1218Half Breeds-half-elf, half-orc,etcNever Released
1219Witches' Coven1981 - Fall
1220Dark Elves - DrouNever Released
1221BirdmenNever Released
1222Death DemonNever Released
1223Giant Scorpion1982 - Spring
1224Owlbear1982 - Spring
1225BaalzebulNever Released
1226Cloud GiantsNever Released
1227Giant Troll1982 - Spring
1228Creatures of the Astral PlaneNever Released
1229Wyvern1981 - Fall
1230Storm Giant1981 - Fall
1231Fire Giant1981 - Fall
1232Cyclops1982 - Spring
1233Pit Fiend1981 - Fall
1234Treasures1980 - Summer
1235Dice set1980 - Summer
1236Berserkers1979/80 - Winter
1237Bandit1979/80 - Winter
1238Skeleton Men1979/80 - Winter
1239Gnomes1979/80 - Winter
1240Goblins1979/80 - Winter
1241Oriental Hobgoblins1979/80 - Winter
1242Troglodytes1979/80 - Winter
1243Orcs1979/80 - Winter
1244Kobolds1979/80 - Winter
1245Bugbears1979/80 - Winter
1246Trolls1979/80 - Winter
1247Zombies & Ghouls1979/80 - Winter
1248Ogres1979/80 - Winter
1249Gargoyles1979/80 - Winter
1250Mummies1979/80 - Winter
1251Wolves1979/80 - Winter
1252Pegasus & Unicorn1979/80 - Winter
1253Minotaurs1979/80 - Winter
1254Vampires1979/80 - Winter
1255Pixies & Sprites1980 - Winter
1256Centaurs1979/80 - Winter
1257Brawn Hulk1979/80 - Winter
1258Carrion Worm1979/80 - Winter
1259Frost Giant1979/80 - Winter
1260Mind Disrupters1979/80 - Winter
1261Imps1979/80 - Winter
1262Demons1979/80 - Winter
1263Female Deamons1979/80 - Winter
1264Hell Hounds1979/80 - Winter
1265Plant Creatures1979/80 - Winter
1266Slimes & Jellies1979/80 - Winter
1267Giant Rats & Centipedes1979/80 - Winter
1268Giant Toads & Snakes1979/80 - Winter
1269Giant Ticks & Fire Beetles1979/80 - Winter
1270Bats & Blood Birds1979/80 - Winter
1271Were Creatures1979/80 - Winter
1272Harpies1979/80 - Winter
1273Dragon1979/80 - Winter
1274Black Dragon1981 - Fall
1275Hydra1980 - Summer
1276Wights & Wraiths1979/80 - Winter
1277Groaning Spirit, Hag, Lich, Spectre1981 - Fall
1278Wink Dogs1980 - Winter
1279Displacer Cats1979/80 - Winter
1280Lizard Men1979/80 - Winter
1281Griffon1980 - Summer
1282Hippogriff1980 - Summer
1283Elementals: Earth, Air, Water, Fire1981 - Fall
1284Chimera1980 - Summer
1285Orcus, Prince of the Undead1981 - Spring
1286Asmodeus (Lucifer)1981 - Spring
1287Golem1981 - Spring
1288Lesser Devils (Devils Barbed)1981 - Spring
1289Cockatrice & Basilisk1981 - Spring
1290Dijinni1981 - Spring
1291Beholding Sphere & Neo-Omnivois1981 - Spring
1292Titan1981 - Spring
1293Giant Spiders1979/80 - Winter
1294Gnolls1979/80 - Winter
1295Hobgobins1979/80 - Winter
1296Elves1980 - Summer
1297Dwarves1980 - Summer
1298Lamia & Manticore1981 - Fall
1299Hill Giant1980 - Summer

Pre-painted figure packs:

   The painted figure packs first appeared in the Heritage 1981 spring catalog. These blister packs were geared towards those who did not wish to paint their own figures. Each pack contained four of the most popular figures from the Dungeon Dwellers line on a grey or beige foam pad, and retailed for $9.95. There were twelve different blister packs available, each offering a different class of characters or monsters to choose from. The figures in these packs were painted by Haitians workers. In my interview with Howard Barasch, he discusses the Haitian painters more. Below is a listing of the pre-painted figure packs that were available.

Blister Pack NumberBlister Description
1554Female Adventurers
1556Elves and Halflings
1557Dwarves and Haflings
1558Skeleton Men
1561The Undead:
Wraiths and Zombies

Sample pre-painted blister pack

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