3507 Monsters of the Lower Depths

3507 Box Cover Art

3506 & 3507-PG (Painting Guide)

Included in this set were 8 Monsters of the Lower Depths. The monster descriptions listed below are taken from the back of the Box Set:


SUCCUBUS - 1263D; A beautiful winged female demon whose kiss drains the victim of strength. She spins her evil through wit and cunning.

ORCUS (3 parts) - 1285A, 1285B, 1285C; A grotesque demon with immense strength. Orcus is the ruler of the Undead and a powerful Prince of the Underworld.

ASMODEUS (2 parts) - 1286A, 1286B; The powerful and handsome overlord of all the Rulers of the Underworld. This arch-fiend is the epitome of Evil.

GOLEM - 1287A; A large and powerful creature created from earth elements. Controlled by its creator, the Golem uses its great strength to crush its victims.

BARBED DEVIL - 1288A; Infernal guardians of the third and fourth levels of the Underworld, always alert for victims to torture.

COCKATRICE - 1289C; A fierce serpentine bird with scales and feathers, the Cockatrice can petrify any living creature with its deadly aura.

Figures included in the Set: