3503 Roaming Monsters Level 2

3503 Box Cover Art

3503 & 3504-PG (Painting Guide)

Included in this set were 20 Roaming Monsters; Level 2. The monster descriptions listed below are taken from the back of the Box Set:


GNOMES (4) - 1239A (2), 1239B-1;  Are long-nosed creatures similar to their cousins, the dwarves. They bear special hatred for goblins and kobolds.

ORCS (4) - 1243A-1, 1243B-1, 1243C-1, 1243D-1; Are foul, gibbering hairy beings about the size of a man. They hate living things in general and elves in particular, but are at a disadvantage in daylight or other strong light.

GHOULS/ZOMBIES (3) - 1247A (2), 1247B; Are undead beings which look much alike. Ghouls can paralyze living humans by their touch, and zombies, once in combat will not withdraw until they are killed. A cleric can sometime disperse these creatures with a holy symbol.

CARRION WORM - 1258A; A large worm-like creature, the Carrion Worm fights with its eight tentacles, each of which can paralyze an opponent. The Carrion Worm can crawl up walls and across ceilings.

GIANT TICKS & GIANT BEETLES (4 total break apart figures) - 1269AB; Are giant insects that inhabit dark caves and caverns. Beetles attack by biting with their mandibles; Giant Ticks suck the blood out of warm-blooded beings.

HOBGOBLINS (4) - 1295A, 1295B, 1295C, 1295D; Are grotesque, man-sized monsters who attack fiercely and fearlessly. They are equally at home above or below ground level.

Figures included in the Set:


Variations in this Box Set were possible due to the availability of a miniature or updates to the figures. As such, some sets may have included two 1247B and one 1247A Zombies/Ghouls. Also, later sets may have included two 1239B-2 Gnomes vs. the earlier 1239B-1 Gnomes (shown below).