3505 Monsters & Treasures Levels 1-3

3505 Box Cover Art

3502 & 3505-PG (Painting Guide)

Included in this set were 22 Monsters & Treasures; Levels 1 - 3. The monster & item descriptions listed below are taken from the back of the Box Set:



EVIL SORCERER - 1201C; A human magic user of dark purpose, great power, and extreme cunning.

TREASURES (4 total break apart pieces) - 1234AB; Wooden chests containing gold and gems, or perhaps magical weapons; great piles of coins, goblets, mysterious sacks, and a rich crown.

TROGLODYTES - 1242A (2), 1242B; These reptilian creatures are extremely dangerous because of their ability to change color to blend in with their surroundings, and the foul and nauseating stench they emit to incapacitate opponents. Their strength and hatred of human beings is legendary.

SHRIEKER FUNGUS - 1265A; The Shrieker Fungus is a plant creature found in dark underground passageways. A touch or light in the area causes the plant to emit

GIANT RATS (4 total break apart figures) - 1267A; The great Sumatran rats are a foot or more in length, and of particularly nasty disposition. Their bites can cause infection and disease. Giant Rats frequently appear in groups.

GIANT CENTIPEDES (4 total break apart figures) - 1267B; These subterranean centipedes grow to lengths of over a foot. They are aggressive and inject a weak poison int-n the victim’s blood when they bite.

LARGE SPIDERS - 1293A (2); The sticky webs of huge subterranean spiders have trapped many an adventurer. The spiders have a poisonous bite and are expert hunters.

GNOLLS - 1294A, 1294B (2); Gnolls are large creatures of great strength and rather low intelligence. They gather in loose bands with little central organization. Gnolls use heavy weapons and wear armor of metal or horn.

Figures included in the Set:


The figures shown above were the miniatures provided in the sets. However, variations in this Box Set were possible due to availability of a miniature. As such, some sets may have included two 1242B, and one 1242A Troglodytes. The same is true for the Gnolls, the set may have included two 1294A and one 1294B.