3100 Crypt of the Sorcerer

As taken from the box set:

“Crypt of the Sorcerer is an adventure game played with miniature figures which simulate heroic fantasy combats between wizards, warriors, and monsters in a forgotten age. Here is a realistic game in which you lead a band of adventurers into the dungeons and caverns of an evil sorcerer, and you make the decisions which can mean life of death for your comrades.”

Miniatures included in set:

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Box art:

The Wizard (shown above; on stairs) was taken from Heritage’s Fantasy line of miniatures, blister-pack “1301 – Good Wizards”. The Troll (far left) was taken from Heritage’s Der Kriegspielers Fantastiques line of miniatures, blister-pack “1016 – Wood Trolls of Mirk”. The Evil Sorcerer (right of stairs) was not used and was replaced with figure (1201C). The original sculpt is considered “unreleased.” Although these miniatures were depicted as part of the set, they were not used in the game's final version. When the photo was sent to the printers, the final sculpting of figures 1201B, 1201C, and 3100A was not complete.

Included in the "Crypt of the Sorcerer" box set were 8 detailed 25mm lead miniatures. The descriptions listed below are taken from the back of the box set:


The Wizard – 1201B; Frail of body but schooled in arcane arts, the wizard is the guiding spirit of the adventuring band.

The Fighter – 1202B; An armored knight, strong or arm and enemy of all things foul and evil.

The Halfling – 1214A; Small and weak, but expert with his short bow, the Halfling is a worthy adventurer.

The Dwarf – 1297A; Brown-skinned and stocky, the stolid dwarf can wield his axe with surprising strength and can endure grievous wounds.

The Evil Sorcerer – 1201C; The Sorcerer is a powerful wizard of the black arts who will defend his treasure to the death.

The Skeleton – 1238A; The remains of a long-dead warrior, now animated once again by the mystic arts of the Sorcerer.

The Orc – 3100B; Near-human slave of the Sorcerer, he serves his master with his bow and keen eye.

The Troll – 3100A; Huge and strong, the troll wields his great axe in defense of his master’s gold.



The Orc (3100B) was taken from Heritage’s Der Kriegspielers Fantastiques line of miniatures, blister pack “1006 – Goblins with Bows and Spears”.

The Troll (3100A) was a unique miniature that was only available in this box set (this figure was not available in a blister pack).

Crypt of the Sorcerer Maps:

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Map #2

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