3511 Magic Users and Clerics

3511 Box Cover Art

3511 Paper Insert

PG-3511 (Painting Guide)

Included in the "Magic Users and Clerics" box set were 11 detailed 25mm lead miniatures listed below:


WIZARD with IMP FAMILIAR - 1200B; This sorcerer gestures as he casts a spell. He wears a tunic and cloak, a peaked cap, and heavy gold chain. Hiding behind him is a small imp.

WIZARD with SPELLBOOK - 1201D; This kindly mage wears a hooded robe, a backpack, and leather scrollcase. He carries a large spellbook and raises his hand in greeting.

CLERIC with HOLY SYMBOL - 1204B; This young cleric wards off evil with his holy symbol. He wears a tunic, robes, backpack, sack, two vials of holy water, and an ankh pendant.

WANDERING CLERIC with HOLY BOOK - 1204C; This stout holy man carries a staff and book. He wears a hood, rope belt, bedroll and backpack, pouches, wineskin, slung mace and cross.

ARMORED CLERIC - 1204D; This fighting cleric wears chainmail or plate armor under a tunic and robe. He carries a cross-emblazoned shield and a morning-star flail.

SORCERESS with LAYERED ROBED - 1206A; This young sorceress gestures dramatically as she holds her tall staff. She wears layered robes and a gold chain girdle around her hips.

SORCERESS with BIRDS-HEAD STAFF - 1206D; This comely necromancer wears robes with an extended sleeve and a belt pouch. She carries an ornately carved staff.

CLOAKED PRIESTESS - 1208D; This female cleric has a cloak with heavy hood, backpack and bedroll. She carries a mace and shield.

DRUID - 1210A; This priest of nature carries a wears a sprig of mistletoe on his robe, and carries a staff and the Druid scimitar.

MONK - 1210D; This unarmed combat specialist wears a robe with the hood thrown back and a rope belt. He has a staff, backpack, pouches and bedroll.

OLD WIZARD - 1216A; This wizard has a long beard and wears robes and a cloak with a peaked hood. He carries a crook-headed staff as he walks along.

Figures included in the Set: