3520 Demons and Devils

3520 Box Cover Art

3520 Paper Insert

PG-3520 (Painting Guide)

Included in the "Demons and Devils" box set were 5 detailed lead miniatures listed below:


Arch-Devil Asmodeus - 1286; The Overlord of Hell and the ruler of all Demons, this figure stands a full 2 1/4" tall, dressed in open-front tunic and cloak, clutching his gemstone staff. He has a flaring collar and pentagram pendant.

Small Demon or Devil- 1288B; This small demon springs, winged and armored, from a pillar of flame. He has cloven hooves and burning, intense eyes.

Succubus - 1263D; This demon appears as a beautiful woman with batlike wings.

Greater Devil or Demon - 1288C-2; This large devil has great spreading wings and a long beard. He wears armor and carries a great two-handed ax. Flames dance about his feet.

Barbed Devil - 3520A; This large devil advances, snarling. His body is covered with sharp barbs.

Figures included in the Set: