Introduction to White Box Sets

White Box Sets

These sets started showing up in dealer catalogs in 1981 [check catalogs for the season], and retailed for $14.95. These sets were introduced as a means to improve sales.


The white box set range included the following sets:

  • 3511 Magic Users and Clerics
  • 3512 Fighting Adventurers
  • 3513 Level 1 Monsters
  • 3514 Level 2 Monsters
  • 3515 Level 3 Monsters
  • 3516 Level 4 & 5 Monsters
  • 3517 Level 6 & 7 Monsters
  • 3518 Lair of the Dragon
  • 3519 Giants
  • 3520 Demons and Devils

Each set came shrinkwrapped in a box

Heritage commissioned artists David T. Wenzel to create the artwork for these sets. The only covert art that was not complete by David was for set 3516; Level 4 & 5 Monsters. Due to time constraints, David could not complete the colorization, and David Helber (art Director for Heritage) completed the colorization.




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