3519 Giants

3519 Box Cover Art

3519 Paper Insert

PG-3519 (Painting Guide)

Included in the "Giants" box set were 3 large, detailed lead miniatures listed below:


The Storm Giant - 1230; This towering figure is dressed in a tunic with a belt and pendant, and an ornate dagger or short-sword at his side. His hair is blowing widely, and his upraised arm holds a jagged thunderbolt.

The Hill Giant- 1299A; This muscular figure strides forward, holding an enormous club. His body and feet are covered in furs, and he has a necklace of teeth. Heads hang at his belt, and a pouch is suspended from his shoulders by a rope. His face is framed by shaggy hair and a full beard.

The Frost Giant - 1259; This finely detailed figure is dressed in furs and fur-topped boots, and carries a tremendous war-horn slung from a rope. His wide belt is decorated with metal plates, and he wears a horned helmet. He has a full beard, and viking-like braided hair, and carries a greater two-handed axe.

Figures included in the Set: