3518 Lair of the Dragon

3518 Box Cover Art

3518 Paper Insert

PG-3518 (Painting Guide)

Included in the "Lair of the Dragon" box set were 5 detailed 25mm lead miniatures listed below:


Great Dragon - 1274; This large dragon site on its haunches, its wings outspread. It glares balefully with its head menacingly low.

Baby Dragon - 3518D; This small dragonling romps playfully, its head and tail facing upward. Small wings, not fully formed as yet, adorn its back.

Dragon-Slayer - 3518A; This courageous hero advances in ring-mail with a conical helmet, swinging a sword. His helmet and long shield carry dragon motifs.

Maiden in Chains - 3518B; This fair lady stands in elaborate dress, her hands chained to a ring on the stone floor, her full hair and short cloak blowing in the wind.

Treasure Trove - 3518C; This panel of rough stones is covered with treasure, including sacks, a chest, and piles of coins, chains and jewelry, a rich sword, a jeweled goblet, a wizard's staff, a dagger, and a skull.

Figures included in the Set: