3513 Level 1 Monsters

3513 Box Cover Art

3513 Paper Insert

PG-3513 (Painting Guide)

Included in the "Level 1 Monsters" box set were 11 detailed 25mm lead miniatures listed below:


Berserker – 1236A; This frenzied Norse fighter wears leather armor and high boots, with pouches on his belt and shoulder strap. He raises a sword over his head and swings an axe in his other hand, his long hair and full beard blowing widely in the wind.

Bandits – 1237A, 1237B; These unkempt ruffians wear boots and leather armor slung with dagger and pouches. They carry a sword and shield.

Goblins – 1240B-2, 1240D-2; This pair of short, ugly creatures wear leather armor hung with daggers, pouches and scabbard. They wave spiked clubs or war axes over their heads.

Kobolds – 1244A, (2) 1244B; These three small, fierce doglike creatures wear leather armor and carry wicker shields. They wave spiked clubs or war axes over their heads.

Skeletons – 1238A, 1238C, 1238D; These long-dead warriors are brought to life by dark magicks. They have horned helmets with chainmail mantles, greaves, belts, and carry a sword or tasseled spear.

Figures included in the Set: